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FlipKart Reviews, Customer Feedback On Flipkart Shopping

"Awesome quality"
4 / 5

Mobile phone: Product Purchased

Best store, Awsome customer support, Fast delivery, Thanks Flipkart for making my shopping experience grateful. You always make me happy..

Reviewed by: "Amit Bhadana" 6 years ago
" LG Smart Tv"
5 / 5

TV: Product Purchased

Thanks flipkart for providing such a great deal for me buying of LG smart TV. Awesome packing and 100% genuine product without any mis-handling and scratch. This was my first big amount order from your store and I am glad that your delivery is much amazing.

Reviewed by: "Anil Moga" 6 years ago
"original quality"
5 / 5

Mobile: Product Purchased

I’ve ordered RedMi note 5 phone from flipkart, its awesome. Original quality, no fraud, and the delivery was also faster than estimated time. 100% genuine company, 100% genuine flipkart. Thanks

Reviewed by: "Amar Chauhan" 6 years ago
"Original customer reviews"
4 / 5

Mobile phone: Product Purchased

Flipkart has original customer reviews as I always look for the ratings and reviews before buying the product from any online store and I must say, as told by reviews and ratings of a product, it actually tells about how the product is working and about its quality. There no fake reviews and ratings at this store. Thanks to Flipkart for making my shopping soooo wonderful.

Reviewed by: "Faiza Karim" 6 years ago
"Best rated products"
5 / 5

USB Cable: Product Purchased

Flipkart has got some huge list of best-selling and best rated products. All original and latest products. It is one of the best online stores in India with great customer support.

Reviewed by: "Aziz Rahman" 6 years ago
"Great quality"
5 / 5

Handbag: Product Purchased

Hlo! I want to share my experience with Flipkart, a few days ago I ordered a handbag from this store and I got it yesterday. I really got amazed by the quality of the product. And this website Dealsshutter is just a life saver because I used a Flipkart offer from this website and I saved a little. All thanks to Dealsshutter

Reviewed by: "Divya" 6 years ago
"High quality at low price"
5 / 5

Dress: Product Purchased

Hi, I have ordered a dress at Flipkart and I got 70% discount. The quality of the dress is very good. I am never disappointed by Flipkart. And thanks to Dealsshutter for providing such amazing offers.

Reviewed by: "Sunita Aggarwal" 5 years ago
"Fast and secure delivery"
5 / 5

Mobile: Product Purchased

I love shopping but I am always worried when I shop online. Flipkart proves to be the best delivery website with 100% guarantee. Thank you, Flipkart!

Reviewed by: "Pankaj Sharma" 5 years ago
"Listed offers showed More Discount as Compared To The Deals on Official Site"
4 / 5

Frock Dress: Product Purchased

Fortunately, the offer i was looking for had been received but, according to the deal listed at Dealsshutter showed 60% OFF and i only received 40% OFF. I am happy because the product i received was in good quality only for that am giving 4 Star. For the Future, make sure the deals should be correct.

Reviewed by: "Shruti Verma" 4 years ago
"Amazing Deal"
4 / 5

Dress: Product Purchased

Flipkart is all time my favourite shopping destination and this time I ordered a dress. As always the dress is very good and the quality of the dress is too good. It costs me just Rs 650 after applying Flipkart coupon code.

Reviewed by: "Supriya Sharma" 4 years ago
"Original Electronics Product"
4 / 5

Chimney: Product Purchased

This is the first time I ordered chimney from Flipkart and the product quality is great and delivered on time. The packaging of the chimney is too good. I get an additional 10% discount via HDFC Credit Card.

Reviewed by: "Ashok " 4 years ago
"Best Quality"
4 / 5

Indoor Plants: Product Purchased

I ordered indoor plants from Flipkart. The packaging was too good and the plants are very fresh and good in condition. Thanks, Flipkart for providing us good products at reasonable prices.

Reviewed by: "Aarti" 4 years ago
"Heavy Discount!!"
4 / 5

Essential Care: Product Purchased

Flipkart is Offering heavy discount on all of its products and most importantly Essential care products sanitizers, gloves, facemasks and so on were at discount of 30%-50% off. All thanks to Dealsshutter.

Reviewed by: "Lalit Goyal" 4 years ago
"Got Amazing Deal"
4 / 5

Mobile Phone: Product Purchased

First time I ordered the Mobile Phone from Flipkart. I was a little bit scared about the product but when I received my order, I am so happy with my order. The phone comes in very good condition and the packaging was too good. Thanks Dealsshuter for providing us great deals on all Flipkart products.

Reviewed by: "Sonal" 4 years ago
"Received 100% Original Product"
4 / 5

Electronics: Product Purchased

Thanks, Flipkart for providing us great deals on electronics. Amazing packing and the products are 100% original without any mishandling and scratch. This is the first time I order something huge from your store and I am glad to get cashback also from your website. Thanks, Dealsshutter.

Reviewed by: "Lovely Singh" 4 years ago
"Packaging Was Too Good"
4 / 5

Mobile Phone: Product Purchased

A few days ago I ordered a mobile phone from Flipkart and I was surprised by the discount that they are offering to their customers. So happy with the quality and its bank offers. With the help of dealsshutter coupons, I saved a lot.

Reviewed by: "Ritesh Jain" 4 years ago
"Got Amazing Deal"
4 / 5

Mobile Cover: Product Purchased

I have ordered a mobile cover, chopper, and top from Flipkart during the sale of big saving days. This time the sale is amazing and i saved Rs 900 n my final order. So happy with the offers and discounts.

Reviewed by: "Preeti" 4 years ago
"Value For Money"
4 / 5

Vegetable Chopper: Product Purchased

I ordered the vegetable chopper from Flipkart and saved a lot. Flipkart always surprised their customers with its eye-popping offers. So happy with my order because the quality of the chopper is fine and cut the vegetables very easily.

Reviewed by: "Meenakshi " 4 years ago
"Fabulous Stuff!!"
5 / 5

Ethnic Wear: Product Purchased

Ordered Kurtis from Under 299 Store and it was worth it. I liked stuff and color was exactly the same as shown in the picture. I came to know about these deals and sales from the Dealshutter store. it is very great platform to save money on online shopping. recommended!!!

Reviewed by: "Shalini Verma" 4 years ago
"Wide Variety!!"
4 / 5

Timex Watch: Product Purchased

Recently, ordered a Timex watch from Flipkart. It was having more collection than market has but the pricing structure was quite the same as of the market. Dealsshutter helped there a bit with additional cashback. Overall product was good and satisfied with the Flipkart services.

Reviewed by: "Shivin Mahajan" 4 years ago
"Super Saver Offers!"
5 / 5

Smartphone: Product Purchased

Flipkart is one of my favorite online shopping platforms and Dealsshutter coupons make my purchase even more affordable through Flipkart with some amazing Flipkart coupons. Recently I got 30% off on my smartphone purchase + got a bonus discount on exchange for smartphones.

Reviewed by: "Naina Rajput" 3 years ago