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Swiggy Reviews: Rating, online shopping reviews for swiggy

"Loved Chicken Biryani"
5 / 5

Chicken Biryani: Food order

I ordered chicken biryani at Swiggy store and I must say it was the best ever biryani that my taste buds have tasted.

Reviewed by: "Harsimran" 6 years ago
"Nice Quality"
4 / 5

Dinner: Food order

Swiggy is one of the best online food ordering websites. You can order any food of any cuisine at any time anywhere without leaving your homely comfort at this amazing service providing the website. It is an awesome website. It has made my life so easy as cooking for me is like a big no and Swiggy has helped me so much.

Reviewed by: "Samriti Sharma" 6 years ago
"Awesome Food delivery service"
5 / 5

Chicken Snacks: Food order

Swiggy is an amazing online website where you can order food. The best part that makes me order at this website, again and again, is their fastest delivery service. We get to taste hot and tasty food whenever we place an order at Swiggy.

Reviewed by: "Parmjit Kaur" 6 years ago
"User Interface"
5 / 5

Pizza: Food order

Swiggy is my most preferred online portal whenever I have to order food online. They have made such a user-friendly website that it was so easy to order the food in bulk. I really appreciate the way they have made their entire setup that anyone can order food any time.

Reviewed by: "Arjun" 6 years ago
"Best Food Ordering Online Portal"
5 / 5

Shahi Paneer and Veg Snacks: Food order

Whenever I don’t feel like cooking, one spot that I always switch to for ending my crave of eating something crispy and delicious is Swiggy. I am so impressed the way they never failed to astonish me with every dish I have ordered at their platform. They have time and again proven that one can never regret choosing their food

Reviewed by: "Usman Khan" 6 years ago
"Swiggy is Best"
5 / 5

Veg Thalli: Food order

Swiggy is best Because its save my money a lot on first order Secondly its new schedule delivery option. New Schedule delivery services by swiggy help me to surprised my hungry and tired friend. She has no idea i am already booked an order for her and she tried to tell herself go and bake some food for her. But Surprisingly She had her ordered in her hand. Which maker her feel better.

Reviewed by: "Vishal" 6 years ago
"30 minute Free delivery"
5 / 5

Dominos: Product Purchased

I am so lucky 15 April I book an order from swiggy of dominos pizza Cost Come around 470 after discounted from phonepe payment it comes to 400. I ordered at 2:00 PM my order comes at 3:PM and guess what i call to dominos outlet manager and he told me your credit will refund to your swiggy wallet I have no idea about dominos credited to swiggy account Swiggy is best for me like pro.

Reviewed by: "Rohit" 6 years ago
"Fastest Delivery"
5 / 5

KFC Meal Box: Food order

KFC is best as we know already But Swiggy is totally best for its offers and second fastest Delivery i get my order at right time I feel like i Ordered before few minutes my order comes so fast. Swiggy is Savage.

Reviewed by: "Jhanvi" 6 years ago
"Tasty food"
5 / 5

Chicken: Food order

It is a great website. This is my personal experience I got 30% cashback on my food delivery. Everybody should try this an amazing site. Thanks.

Reviewed by: "Karan patel" 6 years ago
"Yummy Food...Yummy Prices"
5 / 5

Grilled Sandwich: Food order

All because of the best Swiggy Offers available at Dealsshutter. I ordered a cheese-loaded grilled sandwich and applied a 50% off coupon via Dealsshutter and Voilla I got my super yummy dish only for INR 75, while its original price was 150. Thanks for making my meal even more delicious.

Reviewed by: "Megha" 4 years ago
"Delivered Hot and Fresh"
5 / 5

Pizza: Food order

I ordered a pizza from Swiggy and guess what, it was delivered crispy and hot to my utmost amazement. Moreover, it tasted even more delicious like never before because of the exciting Swiggy Coupons and offers displayed on Dealsshutter. Thankyou Dealsshutter!!

Reviewed by: "Lokesh" 4 years ago
"Best Swiggy coupons ever"
5 / 5

South Indian: Food order

Recently I ordered South Indian cuisine from Swiggy's app and I was more than happy to get that delivered at my doorstep and that too at a really reasonable price. All credits to Dealsshutter, for letting me explore the best Swiggy coupons and Swiggy offers.

Reviewed by: "Megha" 4 years ago
"Yummy Food Delivered"
5 / 5

Burger and Pasta: Food order

Swiggy is definitely a lifesaver to me whenever I have hunger pangs. And even more thanks to Dealsshutter to help me use Swiggy coupons and Swiggy promo codes to get the best deals on the food that I order online.

Reviewed by: "Charu" 4 years ago
"Ordered Food on 50% OFF"
5 / 5

Indian Food: Food order

Instead of going to restaurant, i always prefer to order food online through swiggy, and Dealsshutter help me to find the coupons.

Reviewed by: "RIshab Sacha" 4 years ago
"Yummy Treat"
5 / 5

Chinese: Food order

Recently I ordered Chinese food and got a discount of ₹75 on my order of ₹300. That's really huge. I always prefer to check out the latest updated coupons on the Swiggy store from Dealsshutter because it provides me the best deals.

Reviewed by: "Rosy" 4 years ago
"Fastest Delivery"
5 / 5

Mutton Chicken: Food order

One of my most favorite app that gives plenty of offers on food. The reason I’m writing this review is that I like its fastest delivery. I recently ordered Mutton chicken from swiggy and save my money by using its Swiggy Coupon Code. Food is well prepared and the packaging was amazing that no other food delivery app gives you.

Reviewed by: "Danish" 4 years ago
"Good Portion Of Biryani"
5 / 5

Non Veg Biryani: Food order

I have ordered the non-veg biryani from my favorite restaurant. The best part is when I applied the swiggy coupon code on my final order, I got FLAT 100 OFF on my order. Thanks, dealsshutter for giving us the best swiggy coupons.

Reviewed by: "Aashima" 4 years ago
"Reasonable Price"
5 / 5

Paneer Taka Tak: Food order

Recently I ordered Paneer taka tak from my favorite restaurant and the quality of the food is amazing and good packaging too. I got a discount too with the use of swiggy coupon.

Reviewed by: "Simrita" 4 years ago
"FLAT 100 OFF"
5 / 5

Sub Wrap: Food order

I order two sub wraps from the subway by using swiggy coupons and i get FLAT Rs 100 OFF on my final payment. very fast delivery and the taste of wraps is mouth-watering.

Reviewed by: "Vishu Arora" 4 years ago
"Delicious "
5 / 5

Daal Makhani With Butter Naan: Food order

I have ordered daal makhani from swiggy and i saved a lot just because of swiggy coupons. the makhani was very tasty.

Reviewed by: "Ananya " 4 years ago
5 / 5

Butter Naan & Dal Makhani: Food order

Swiggy is my favorite food-ordering app because of its quick delivery, amazing Swiggy coupons, additional discounts from Dealsshutter and alot more things.

Reviewed by: "Nisha Jolly" 4 years ago
"Too Yumm!!!"
4 / 5

Chicken Biriyani: Food order

I ordered chicken biriyani last night and truly it was very delicious. I was very impressed with the Swiggy service i.e. Meal For One. It made it easy to place an order quickly. The delivery speed was quite fast.

Reviewed by: "Sehnaz Gulzar" 4 years ago
"Worst Delivery"
2 / 5

Biryani: Food order

I have ordered my biryani at 2 PM and I got my food at 3:30 PM. This is the first time I am very disappointed with the service of swiggy.

Reviewed by: "Richa Mehra" 4 years ago
"Best Kulcha Ever"
4 / 5

Kulcha : Food order

Kulcha is my all-time favorite. I ordered 5 kulchas for my family and it cost me just Rs 90. i am so happy with the discount that swiggy gives me. The kulcha is very warm and the delivery boy delivers my order on time.

Reviewed by: "Krishna Thakur" 4 years ago
"Best Packaging Ever"
4 / 5

Essential Items: Product Purchased

I ordered grocery items from swiggy and saved a lot. I am so happy with its hygiene maintenance that they are providing on this pandemic period. Also, I wanna say big thanks to Dealsshutter that they are providing us all latest offers to their customers.

Reviewed by: "Shalini" 4 years ago
"No Timely Delivery"
2 / 5

Butter Roti With Dal Makhani: Food order

Finally, I received my order from Swiggy after I tried from the last one hour. To get my order, I tried to contact the delivery boy but he doesn't answer my calls. In the end, I called the restaurant owner and asked the status of my order. He told me your order is out of delivery. He said to contact swiggy, however, swiggy was of no help. After one hour I received my order and it was cold and soggy. Very disappointed with the swiggy service. Worst experience!

Reviewed by: "Heena Salwan" 4 years ago